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Some Highlights of 2023

2023 was my fifth year as a fulltime creative entrepreneur.  Here are some highlights and achievements  from a stellar year of growth, community and adventure in the various nooks and crannies of my paint-splattered life:


1.     Record number of sold out workshops

2.     Created over 165 new original artworks and have sold or gifted more than 140 of them

3.     Traveled more than 40 days with trips to Scotland, Iowa and the Mojave Desert as well as the Olympic National Forest

4.     Audioned and was selected as a presenter  for a  TED style talk event

5.     Mentored  two emerging artists with their first art shows where they enjoyed successful sales of their original art

6.     Participated and helped guide youth art events in two communities

7.     Welcomed more than 200 art patrons to the annual Open Studio Tour in my county

8.     Was featured in the local newspaper

9.     Attended Wasteland Weekend and had my life changed

10.  Learned new business skills  that are making my art life more functional and manageable (yay for Google Sheets!)

11.  Hosted two sold out creative retreats

12.  Set up my art booth 66 times in eleven distinct art markets

13.  Had my grandson over for numerous sleepovers and bonded more over “wasting” stuffed animals for Wasteland

14.  Watched my daughter gain clarity about her path and her life

15.  Watched my son flourish in his career and personal life

16.  Learned to ask for help more (this is a big one!!!)

17.  Learned to cope with loneliness in healthy ways (this is a ginormous one!)

18.  Began writing again

19.  Discovered  my hidden talent for portrait sketching unique and “really awful” sketches that have been well received

20.  Learned that online dating is not ever gonna  be a good thing for me. (I am so over it!)

21.  Went on two dates for the entirety of 2023 which were both highly informing of who I am and  my core values

22.  Cut my debt in half ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

23.  Met a fashion icon

24.  Learned that Chipotle which is my fave go-to for takeout has an app for collecting reward points which I’m collecting to use for my road trip in 2024

25.  Learned that pumpkin spice coffee creamer is enjoyable and this makes me uncomfortable because  IT’S PUMPKIN SPICE and I am famous for my loathing of all-things-pumpkin-spice (You know who you are who corrupted my coffee drinking palette with this monstrosity!)

I've a mountain range of vision for 2024 and the many creative adventures that have been simmering in my imagination. It will be my most ambitious year yet.

Stay in touch by signing up for my email. I send out posts about 4x a month or so. It is the best way to stay connected to my comings and goings and believe me, 2024 is gonna see a whole lot of on-the-move adventuring with art, writing, workshops and road travel. I'd love to stay connected. Sign Up HERE.

May we end 2023 with peace in our hearts and resolve to keep living as full as we can for the betterment of others.

Buckle up, cuz here I come 2024!!!


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