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Creative Accomplishments

Published  in Somerset Studio magazine (summer issue 2016) and have also been featured in the regional magazine, Felida Fine Living

(February,  2020).

Installed a mural in Vancouver Mall in Vancouver, Washington Fall 2019. (Inside, upper level by library)

Accepted as a participant for the Clark County Open Studio tour in the fall of 2019 where more than 200 art patrons visited my studio.

My art has been shown at :


Angst Art Gallery, 2018      

Latte Da Coffee Shop,  2018

Art at the Cave, 2019

Underbar,  2019

Cellar 55, 2019

Mosaic Arts Alliance Online  Gallery, 2021

Vancouver Art Space, 2021


Student and Patron Love

If anyone has the slightest wish to make a piece of art, I highly recommend signing up for one or more of Pamela's classes. She puts you at ease right away, and takes you through a process that is easy to follow by step by step,  while you are in the comfort of your own home. There is no pressure, and the end result is great.     

Maxine - Olympia, Wa


I have taken both in person and online art classes from Pam and what an experience! In addition to providing great techniques, Pam's insight and quirkiness inspires creativity. I'm a huge fan and very proud owner of her art!

Alisa -  Salem, Oregon


I watched several of Pamela’s free Facebook tutorials and just fell in love with her energy ~confident, fun, sexy, and just plain cool~ so I signed up for the first online class that I saw... Pamela is a wonderful instructor! I  have also purchased a  painting  from Pamela and IT IS BEAUTIFUL! It arrived with fun notes from her on the packaging that just added to my excitement! I am so pleased with it and I look forward to adding more of her creations to my collection!

Jill -  Lincoln, Nebraska


Pamela oozes passion and possibility. She's a fun making, art creating goddess of exceptional talent and authentic kindness. She knows how to wield her magic wand, inviting you into her multicolored world of creative wonder. Taking part in Pamela's workshops has been a special treat for me. I always come away with a whole bunch of tricks and tools, a heart full of inspiration and a lightness of being that beckons me to return for more.

DJ - Portland, Oregon


Pamela  has kindly and gently encouraged me to let my inner artist explore the world again. I had not  used paints or done paper art since junior high when I became discouraged by an unintentionally harsh art teacher. She makes "arting it up" pure pleasure, even for those of us intimidated by the creative process who don't know where to even start.  Pamela  is incredibly talented at two very important things: making wildly creative art AND breaking it down into easily teachable elements. She is gifted at both!

Heidi - Vancouver, Washington


I began studying with Pam in a mixed-media class at Clark Community  College in Nov. 2019. I have continued to take classes with her. She has  inspired me to do collages and taught me techniques to make them. I’ve been very productive and constantly have ideas to do more. My works have been accepted for exhibits at two Vancouver art galleries.
Christine - Vancouver, Washington


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