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Announcement : I Am Moving

ANNOUNCEMENT : I am moving.

Some of you know that I live in my converted garage, 504 sf that I had converted and moved into in 2019. It has been my studio and my home the last four years allowing me to live autonomously while my daughter and grandson occupy my main house. She has had various housemates to help her afford the rent.

It is not easy to find a housemate with a young child in the home. We are agreed that we cannot open it up to strangers. Her friend circle is pretty much settled down into their own situations.

And so, I will be moving back in upstairs as soon as possible and will ready my sweet studio home to rent specifically to travel nurses who need furnished spaces during their contract.

"Where will you make your art?" asked more than one friend.

There is plenty of space upstairs in the home for me to continue my life as a fulltime artist. I started off up there!

It makes sense to downsize and have a smaller living space situation. I plan to travel as much as I can this year and next year, too. I will be gone more with a sporadic schedule so I can just have a little nest in the upstairs of the home to keep as my base.

Meanwhile there is much to do to get my place ready to list as a rental for a travel nurse. Today I bought paint to cover up my famous drippy paint wall from where I have painted countless oversized artworks. I have an idea though, of how to do something creative with this wall and not paint over all of the juicy bits. Wait and see, I'll post After photos when it is done.

I hope to attract a travel nurse to rent in April. There is a website that travel nurses use to find housing.

Multigenerational households are becoming more common as today's generation faces skyrocketing housing prices and soaring costs of living expenses. I am more than delighted to share life with Rose and Shiloh. She is a fulltime college student pursuing her path to work with the dying. And she is a highly nurturing mom to Shiloh. I am grateful to share life with my family and be a part of raising Shiloh whom I see everyday. Just today I dropped him off at my -ex's while Rose had school and Shiloh had to miss school due to his cold symptoms. She helped me carry a table upstairs to my new space and tonight we will have dinner together. Daily life is where the good marrow is found, the everyday mundane of ordinary that is full of unglamourous love. I am a hardcore lover of the mundane. When I ask people about their day, I revel in hearing about your trip to the post office and grocery shopping.

There is magic in the bones of the daily grind of the
unremarkable if we see it. And I see it clear as rain.

Of course I feel some sadness letting go of this special space. I have enjoyed much privacy here. Now I'll be sharing a kitchen and the laundry, etc... though I will be sharing with people who matter the most to me. So it is a short-lived sadness as I am pretty excited to share more of everyday life with Rose and Shiloh while also firming up financial stability.

If you are local there will be opportunities to help out if you are inclined. We need to paint upstairs so we will be hosting a Paint Party... and when The Big Move Day arrives with all the minutia of little things to move from here to upstairs, I would absolutely welcome willing bodies to save me a few hundred trips up and down the staircase. It is unusual for me ( LIKE ACTUALLY NEVER!) to publicly ask for help in a tangible practical way like painting walls and hauling boxes up stairs, but I have been learning the art of asking for help and allowing those who care about me to demonstrate that care in a real and tangible way.

I am the poster child of the Independent Woman. It's how I attracted the men I have dated, men who are drawn to the low-maintenance-never-ask-for-help woman, who rarely voices needs or wants.... hyper independence though robs me of Welcoming Others into the spaces where I could use the support. I could write volumes about that...

For today though, I want to let my online and offline community know that I am in transition with my housing and my art studio and will ask for and welcome help when the time comes.


Thank you for being a part of my world, on the sparkly shiny days and things and especially on the ordinary days of unremarkable magic. It is when I feel loved the most. And these days, feeling loved in the small moments has become a big deal.


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