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Road Trip Itinerary-ish


I will be hitting the road soon! It is an idea I have carried for five years and it is finally about to happen. OHMYFLIPPINSTARS!!!!

This road trip is in part adventure, but mostly a time set aside for discovery of how to travel more as a teaching creative. I have been brainstorming and hive minding with others how to expand myself as a teaching creative and travel more. I am wide open to ideas and opportunities of every size. I am especially interested in bringing workshops to places where there is a scarcity of creative experiences.


My Kinda Organized and Kinda Loose Road Trip Plans ::::

Apr 23 - Begin my nine week road trip by heading to The Redwoods for three nights of centering down among these majestic trees.

Apr 28 - May 13 Las Vegas, NV and surrounding area This is my hometown. I’ll be spending time with my mom and friends as well as discovering the desert with renewed eyes as a creative. I would love to lead a workshop while I’m in the area.

May 11-12 Participating in an event known as Wild Wild West Weekend in nearby Pahrump, NV at a roadside attraction known as Coffinwood  that a friend of mine runs. It’s gonna be a good one! Come check it out if you are in the area.

May 13 - 17ish Arizona (Sedona area/Phoenix) Camping in Oaks Creek Canyon and then visiting one of my best friends, Melody,  in Anthem. I would love to lead a workshop during my time in Arizona.

May 17ish - 27ish Driving through New Mexico and TEXAS with side stops and camping at Big Bend National Park. I’ll also be in the Houston area to visit my bestie Clarita from high school. I am wide open for random opportunities while I spend days driving through TexasLand.

May 24ish - June 2 Louisiana/Alabama My family is rooted in the South. I’m hoping it’ll work out to see some relatives and kayak some swamps. I absolutely hope to lead at least one workshop while I’m in this region. I spent my childhood to age 10 growing up in Alexandria, La.

June 3 - 5 NASHVILLE Melody flying in to meet me in Nashville. I will play tourist for a couple of days with her and then we’ll road trip to Iowa.

June 6 - 7 Des Moines, IA I say goodbye to Melody who will continue her travels as I join friend as their guest at the WORLD PORK EXPO… there is a whole story with this that I will share when it’s time. :)

June 8 - 15ish - Humboldt, Iowa where I will continue my visit with friends Lisa and Kevin in their home. Lisa is an artist and a beautiful friendship has emerged since we met two summers ago. I’ll also be spending time with other new creative friends I’ve met through her who also live in the area. I will be vending at a local craft show with Lisa as well as leading at least one workshop, maybe more. If you are in this area, reach out to stay in the know of exact details.

June 15ish - 23ish :: Dubuque, Iowa where I will be staying with one of my besties Suzanne and Michael!!! I hope to lead a workshop or two while in the area. I’ll use Dubuque as my homebase to travel to nearby towns like South Bend, Indiana for workshop opportunities where a friend  is offering to host. If you are within five hours of Dubuque and interested in hosting a workshop, a presentation or an art gallery pop-up, reach out and let’s make a plan!

June 24ish - June 30ish Meander Homeward likely through South Dakota or Colorado. Not known yet as we shall see where the road leads me. Wide open to see what unfolds.


I'll need Road Angels for this new endeavor of opening up my life for opportunities beyond the Pacific Northwest.

I shine well on my own. I shine best with support from others.

I will need Road Angels to help me shine brighter and further than ever before. In the coming weeks I'll extend specific invitations how you can join my Road Angel Crew.

Reach out if you are near my route and can house me or host an art workshop/presentation/art gallery pop-up. I'd love to collaborate as often as possible on this road trip.

Follow your bliss, and where there once were walls, doors will appear.
(J. Campbell)


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