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Creative Mentorship


I have developed a Creative Mentorship cohort!

What the heck is that?

Creative Mentorship is how I describe the guidance and knowledge I already provide many people whether it’s developing creative intuition or an art practice, guidance for entrepreneurship and even guidance for more personal  matters like body image and body positivity : I am a woman who inspires and empowers others and am often contacted for advice and insight.

Last year I mentored two emerging artists with intention and structure. They both enjoyed immediate results  by benefitting from the mentorship I could offer from my hard won insights, knowledge and skill as a fulltime creative.

It is not just professional guidance I’ve provided as an artist : I’ve also  helped offer people from all walks of life clarity about reaching their personal goals. I have demonstrated time and time again my ability to set and reach my own personal and professional goals. I’ve done this by being a dedicated student of my own life and adjusting as needed. At times I have reached out for coaching and mentorship from those who are able to illuminate my next steps toward my goals. I know first hand how having a mentor or a coach can bring results that are harder to achieve on my own.

One of my favorite mini-series, The Queen’s Gambit, focuses on the character Beth Harmon who is an ambitious chess prodigy. One of the main takeaways of this story is that Beth, even though she shines bright in her natural ability, cannot achieve her goals being  solo. She needs the help and guidance of others to reach her highest dreams. She had to be vulnerable and honest about her limitations. Her hyper-independent nature resisted help from anyone. When she finally allowed herself to be mentored and coached, she soared to new heights in her chess championships.

I am in a place in my personal and professional life that I am able and willing to help others soar. It is with much appreciation for those who have mentored me that I am able to guide others and provide intentional and focused mentoring.

This is a ten week commitment designed  for just Five Mentees in order to allow personable guidance.

If you have been wanting to work with someone to make significant strides towards your goal, I’d love to help mentor you.

My strong ability to communicate and guide others means I am qualified and ready to help guide you toward your dream.  My promise to you is that I will not coddle you. I will not sugarcoat my words with you. I will say the hard things you may need to hear. I will speak truth to you with compassion and forthrightness.  My promise to you is to Make You Uncomfortable yet also INSPIRED to make real strides with real results in what you want to achieve.  I will show you how to harness fear and how to see self-doubt as a healthy ally rather than a detriment. I will show you how to become immune to Imposter Syndrome. I will give you realistic and practical steps in how to deal with the paralysis of overwhelm.  I will guide you in how to use your core values to be your north star in all that you do.


I’d love to have you join my ten-week mentorship cohort… and YES, I will be mentoring FROM THE ROAD which is such a living metaphor of the progress and journey of life to reach our destinations.

Reach out with any questions if you are feeling the pull to work with me.

If this ten week cohort does not work with your schedule, consider  a consult to explore creating an individual mentoring plan. I’d be crazy honored to help you realize your goals and dreams.

Learn all the juicy details and the commitment to join my first ever Creative Mentorship cohort HERE.


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