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My Dreams Scare Me

“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”
― Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel Peace prize winner 2011 and the first woman president of an African country

Well then I am on the right track

for I have been dreaming new dreams that have me shaking in my boots.

2024 is just around the corner. There are specific visions and dreams occupying my imagination that I am feeling certain I need to go after in this coming year.

As a fulltime creative, I live my life by risk, intuition and inspired practicalities.


I've started working on a book that I will tell more about in the new year. I've had a number of false starts over the last three years, but this one has gained traction as I am writing every day. The more I write, the more clear I become about the message of this book. I will talk more about it after the holidays.

I'm also in earnest leaning hard toward planning an extensive travel itinerary for late spring and summer time. I have been feeling the call of the road for quite some time. I think 2024 is the year to go after it and take Van-Gogh on some creative adventures.

'If you are bored with your art, you're being safe and not taking any risks," I tell my students in my workshops. "Try something new. Break one of your self-imposed creative taboos. Take a creative risk," I urge them. I feel the same about my life. It is not that I am bored, though, for I do not bore easily as I am always on the move with one thing or another. Yet I do feel the breezes of over familiarity with my life kicking up. I need a change of scenery. I need new experiences, unplanned adventures and spontaneous meaningful encounters. I get a lot of this in the right here and right now of my life, yet there is a pull to expand myself as a creative as well as my connection to my audience.

With my patrons and students now spanning all over the United States, I'd love to come into the places and spaces of those I know and see their world up close.

It scares me somewhat to think about road traveling so far from home, to disrupt the income streams I've worked hard to build in the art markets of my community.

And Yet...

I am feeling the pull strong to put some miles between the familiar and the unknown.

Sometimes my dreams and desires are SO BIG they scare me.... and still I Dream BIG.



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