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Authentic Living

Authentic Living was created on a gifted canvas to repurpose that had the beginning lines of a painting based on Vermeer's famous artwork, Girl with a Pearl Earring. There is no earring in my painting though the form is recognizable for those familiar with Vermeer's famous painting from the 1600s. (And a great movie, btw, featuring Scarlett Johansson.)

Authentic Living is a colorful expressive artwork pulsing with creative energy. The words on the art convey the feeling of the liberty of being an open-hearted woman.

"Mom, we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with," said my daughter Rose to me in a recent conversation. She and I are rather close and often have meaningful conversations. I had read the same thing before about who you choose to spend your time with is telling of Who You Are.

I began to rattle off the names of the five people I most spend time with ---including Rose--- and quickly ascertained a commonality of all of them : they are each women who live authentically.

They possess personal integrity to being honest and transparent as much as possible. They tend to only use words that they mean and mean the words that they use. They are women of valor, truth tellers who self-assess and possess a high degree of self-awareness. They are honest with themselves and those around them.

As this came into view as Rose and I talked, I swelled with gratitude to have such a company of women in my inner circle. I also feel personal pride in how far I have come in my own journey to attract such friendships. The personal work I have done in facing my own shadows and demons is evident in the relationships that are most important to me.

Where we put our focus, our time and our attention reveals our commitment to our core values.

As I have matured I finally get why our elders tried to warn us time and time again when we were younger to mind who we associated with.

We do rub off on each other.

I am grateful AF to have a number of women, including my daughter, whom I can call upon for truth telling clarity and wise counsel. Their authentic living inspires me to stay the course to my own authentic self. In this way, we inspire one another to Aspire and Grow always into the best and most potent women we are meant to be.

Authentic Living is an artwork meant as a visual inspiration to value a whole-hearted life and the whole-hearted friendships such living will attract.

If this artwork is speaking to you reach out to see if it is still available. I look forward to seeing where this artwork will land to inspire and empower those who view her to

Live Authentically in the wild and vast glory of Who They Are.


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