Am I Really an Artist?

"I am not really an artist," I said to a friend recently. "I am an art seller... I make art. I sell art... "

Of course I am playing with words and ideas here. I am an artist, no doubt, but to earn a living from art I need to be more than an artist :

I have become an Art Seller.

An artist recently introduced herself to me. She was eager to show me her art, beautiful gorgeous artworks that fill her home. "I almost sold a piece, " she told me, "But then I changed my mind. I couldn't let it go."

She is NO DOUBT an artist, though she is not (yet) an art seller.

It is more than ok to be an artist yet not an art seller. I made art at my kitchen table for more than a decade with never a thought of selling. I made art for myself and for my friends. When I finally did tiptoe into art selling, I was sporadic about it. Selling art was infrequent and I felt clumsy about it.

Today, I am growing my art business and selling art on a regular basis. I negotiate commissions and art displays as well as art events. I have learned the

Art of Being an Art Seller.

It is a different kind of thinking that has required me to learn some new skills. Recently I hired a business coach to help me structure my growing art business with best practices.