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This is a collection of title cards for my artworks that sold last year. I started collecting them mid-summer. Everytime I sold something I would put the title card in here. It was a great feeling to watch the glass vase fill up.

Now that my selling season has begun in the markets for 2023, I will empty it and start over.

I just need to figure out what to do with all these title cards. It does not seem right to throw them out which is wild because I am not much of a sentimental collector and often toss things without hesitation.

I like to live lean.

But this is like a photo album. I can pull out a random title card and remember the artwork like a proud mama whose little baby artwork went out into the great big world and is not coming back to the studio.

It is also a visual indicator of my growth as both art maker and art seller... and people server. I make and sell art in service to others. My creative expression is not Pam-centric (anymore). I make art for the sake of The Other.

This then is a collection of memories and warm connections of those whom I make art for.

This is a vase full of love.



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