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Living a Creative Centered Life

I converted my detached garage and moved in Thanksgiving Week 2019. My main house is filled with young renters including my daughter and little grandson. When I hired a contractor back in 2019 to do the job, he recommended I hire an architect designer to make the most of my space for the vision I had. That was great advice. Together with an architect, I was able to determine how to best use the just over 500 square feet to transform into a fully functional one-bedroom cottage with plenty of elbow room for my art making. It would be a home studio space, a place where I would build a new life for myself as an artist and creative guide for others.

I LOVE my home studio! It is called Art It Up Studio. I wake up every day to a home filled with art I've made or have bought... my art space is right there in the middle of where I live my life. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I do not even make it to the bathroom before I make a short stop at a canvas in progress to work a little detail on. It is also where I film my online classes and workshops. My artful walls make a great backdrop for Zooming with students. I live here. I work here.

I live my life centered in a creative space, but I also live my life centered in Creative Energy.

Creative Energy. This is the flow of ideas and inspiration that keep the creative river flowing out of me. Everything in my world is centered on being a creative woman. The way I live, the way I earn, the way I dress, the way I garden, the way I do relationships and connections. I revel in living the creative life. It fuels me unlike anything else.

Creative isn’t the way I think, it’s the way I like to live.” – Paul Sandip

I savor my creative life every single day.


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