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Into Me I See


Original Artwork

Mixed-media with acrylic on a very sturdy 30x40 gallery canvas.

Signed, sealed and ready to display.



Into Me I See is a play on words I learned from my friend Jill who is also an artist :

Into Me I See = Intimacy

This particular canvas has been painted on three times now. The first two paintings became dissatisfying, so I painted over it again and again. Do Overs are definitely a thing in the world of art. Who knows which paintings that are much loved have previous works underneath?

The third time I decided to throw every single nuance of caution into the gusty winds of artistic expression. No Filter. No Rules. No strategy of any kind. Pure creative chaos.

And this is what happened as I did not give thought nor restraint to what words, patterns, numbers, colors, no thought at all as I Just Allowed What It was Becoming to Come into view. In this way I often feel like a magician for I take what is unseen and make it visible through the trickery of my hands.

Lo and behold, despite the mayhem, a cohesive artwork with a strong storyline made itself known.

This artwork evokes the story of personal intimacy, of loving one's self best that results in loving others better. It is a deep value I possess in my own life. Art is of course often a mirror of the art maker.

There were times while creating this artwork that I would spontaneously cry. This is not uncommon for me when making a large work like this. I have learned to allow the tears to flow, for though I do not know why it is I am crying, I have learned to accept it like a passing rain cloud that will soon float away. When this happens, and I am telling you one of my studio secrets, I will wipe the tears from my face and caress them into the art. This painting is among a number of my artworks that literally have my DNA in them. If the artwork has evoked such emotion from me, then the tears of that emotion become a part of the work.

One of my favorite elements of Into Me I See is the whispered word Passionista in the top right corner and the small quote directly under it which reads,

"The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you." (Rumi)

I have come to identify myself as a Passionista, as a woman who lives all of her life on and off the canvas with deep abiding passion. What is this life if not the grand experience of Life itself?

I am full of anticipation of who this artwork will call to. It will take a commitment of space and thoughtfulness for Into Me I See will most definitely provoke conversation as well as personal reflection for many years to come. This artwork is designed to outlive you and me both.

If this painting interests you, reach out to schedule a viewing in my studio or via ZOOM.

Shipping available. Rates TBD.

Into Me I See.


When I love me best, I love you better.

This is the Passionista I am with all of my life.


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