Erotic Art Making : Letting Loose my Inner Creative Vixen

It was a couple of years ago when it first occurred to me to draw and make art using the nude female form. I sat down with a picture I saw in a magazine and followed the lines as best I could. I called it, The Three Fates.

When a friend saw it, she straight away asked how much and bought it before the paint was barely dry.

I've played here and there with the female nude since then with baby steps toward erotically charged art. There is much wonder around the human body, it's exquisite shape and form, particularly the female shape with it's sensual curves.

Erotic art, on the other hand, hovers on the boundaries of perceived indecency. Being more sexually explicit, erotic art can be deemed offensive or deviant depending on the art and who is viewing and critiquing the art. What is obscene to one viewer may be provocative to another.

An artist friend recently loaned me this book on erotic art. It is a huge volume with oversized pages. It has hundreds of pictures and illustrations of erotica from many time periods. Our obsession with sexual pleasure and passion has always been present. To be human is to be sexual. (I know, obvious, right? Otherwise, how were you born ?)