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Body Love Workshop

[Body Love

Mixed-media with Acrylic, ink, pastel and collage on 14x18 gallery wrapped canvas. Available to ship in the USA. Shipping cost TBD. No prints available. $295

Message me your interest to ]

For the vast majority of my life I have been estranged from my body. When I was in therapy a few years ago it became revealed that one of the big tap roots for my body loathing was due to a traumatic medical intervention when I was four years old. I remember that moment in vivid living color. Four adults had to restrain my four-year old self for this procedure, one on each limb.

My mother was not allowed to remain with me which would have been a total game changer. Instead, I was terrified. I kicked, clawed and screamed as if I was fighting for my life.

They were trying to cath an unsedated four year old who had the spirit of a wild horse.

A fifth adult joined the chaos. She placed her hands firmly on my head to pin me down. I had been thrashing around and banging my head on the treatment table.

"No one is trying to hurt you," she whispered in my ear. "It's ok. No one is trying to hurt you."

I eased up as her voice calmed down my terror. And then, I did what people who have been assaulted describe doing : I disassociated from my body to endure the procedure.

That experience set the course for several decades of disconnect from the house of my body.

Through therapy I decided to get into body movement classes as a way to begin Feeling Into My Body. I took movement workshops from Paulette Rees-Denis (FOLLOW HER and learn about her workshops!). I also started the practice of Ecstatic Dance which is a freeform style of dance that is intuitive as well as meditative.

Over time I began to feel more comfortable with my body. I began to talk kindly to her. I could finally gaze at my undressed body in the mirror with positive feelings and words.

I was learning to Love my body.

This journey has become one of the most transformative healing path of my life. I had no idea how loving my body would have a positive effect on every area of my life :::


By owning and loving my body, a new confidence has emerged that is nourishing and pervasive to everything I do in my life.

Body Love has empowered me in mind, body and soul. My art reflects this as I often make art that references the female form with positive affirmation.

At some of my workshops I will talk about body love. Whenever I do I can feel the entire class shift. I can feel the collective longing of my students to love their bodies, too.

I decided to take a risk and create a Body Love Workshop.

This is a HUGE FUCKING DEAL for me to do.

It was less than five years ago that I could not barely look at my undressed body in the mirror and now I feel the inspiration to help others love their bodies, too.

There is much healing we do on our own or with the guidance of a compassionate and skilled therapist. There is also the power of healing in community with others. There is mutual vulnerability. Hearing others reveal their personal struggles helps us to find words for our own. It also helps us to be radically honest with ourselves. Self-awareness and personal growth can only thrive when there is Honesty : with ourselves as well as with others.

My first Body Love workshop is in January. It will be small and three hours long, hosted by my friend, photographer Darina Neyret at her portrait studio in downtown Vancouver. (Darina is dedicated to body empowerment too! Check out her website for info about her Body and Soul Project HERE)

There are a few spots left as well as One Scholarshipped spot sponsored by one of my supporters. "I believe in this work so much I don't want someone to miss out because they cannot afford it," she messaged me. Please do not hesitate to reach out to claim the Scholarship if this is resonating with you.

I have come to believe that my life's work is to inspire and empower others which is really to help others learn to inspire and empower themselves. That is what my Body Love workshop will be about : an introduction to having a gentle and loving conversation with your body. I am living proof that developing a loving relationship with your body will lead to living a more inspired and empowered life.

For all the info, check it out at

It is never too late nor too early to develop a kind and loving relationship with all of your body. This workshop will help you along the way of your journey with the magnificent body that is Yours.


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