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A Psychic Medium Came Into My Booth

She had a strong hippie vibe. So did her partner and also their daughter that I would soon learn was not her daughter but a family friend.

"I love your Frida art. I need something, " she said as she spun around 360 as if downloading every artwork. She spied my card spinner display and began twirling it with a quick flick of her nimble wrist.

She settled on a card and asked her partner for a fiver. And then, her non-stop energy settled down as she honed in on me.

"You're the first person I've bought from since we got here," she said.

"I appreciate that," I said and I meant it. More than 100 booths of art and crafted goodness were scattered all around the Sequim Lavender Festival I was vending at. To capture anyone's attention was one feat. To capture a sale was another.

The conversation flowed with ease. She radiated warmth and charm.

"I'm a medium, and I like to do trades if you ever wanna trade," she said. " Watch my YouTube videos."

She insisted on writing down her YouTube channel and again invited me to reach out should I want a reading and since she loved my art she would gladly do a trade if I wanted to.

I took this in with a big grain of salt as well as curiosity. Are spiritual mediums legit?

"You're gonna meet someone... someone younger than you," she said when it was revealed I was a solo woman. "The number 54 and 60 is coming to old are you?" When I told her I was 59 she decided that it likely meant I will discover new love who is six years younger than me.

" I see a big burly man with a beard and a great sense of humor," she continued. "He will adore you. I hear him saying, 'I worship the quicksand she walks on.' "

"He will need to keep up with me," I quipped, "for I am a woman on the move with a lot of vision."

"Oh, he will keep up. He will be younger than you," she reiterated.

"I don't do readings like this when I'm out, but I felt this for you," she said.

"You will meet him when you least expect it," she summarized.

And then, after quick hugs she moved on flitting out of my booth like a fairy who had flown in just to enchant my afternoon with a dusting of her words.

That is certainly a first for me. Makes for a great story though only time will tell if she is spot on or not. One thing I know for sure : I live my life with deep fulfillment and soulful peace whether I am partnered or unpartnered. To be at peace and contentment is a beautiful place to occupy.

It was an intriguing last sale of my 3 day show in Sequim. I love the surprise element of every show I do, not knowing what encounters will come my way. It is part of the juiciness of my lifestyle, meeting all kinds of people from all walks of life everywhere I go. I Love People.

If the psychic medium proves to be right, that will make one helluva story and I do love a good story.

Stay tuned. Time will reveal the rest of this story however it may unfold.



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