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Shadow Love

Watercolor with ink on paper in a custom painted frame (no glass) for a display size of 8x8.

The art has been treated with a clear finish to protect it from fading ensuring that it will endure for many years to come.


Shadow Love is a nod to the sugar skulls of the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead. The blue flowers a reminder for me of the significance of blue flowers in death rites for the deceased in parts of Asia where I used to live.


The words scrawled in black ink read, "All of my shadows love all of your shadows."


It provokes the idea that when we feel loved and cared for without condition, that our shadow side where insecurities, scars and unresolved griefs lie can be wholly embraced. We all have our shadows, those parts of ourselves that hide and evade from being known.


Shadow Love travels to the underworld of our psyche only to return with a bouquet of flowers. Even in the dark untraveled spaces of the unknown there are treasures to be found. Love is one of them.


This artwork is available to be shipped. Rates to apply. Free local pickup.

Shadow Love

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