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acrylic on paper with frame and glass for a display size of 10 x 10.




This artwork was inspired by a recent paint battle I did before a LIVE audience where artists are given 30 minutes to complete a painting. Afterwards the artworks were auctioned off. I made a large version of this on the spot without any pre-planning. It auctioned off that night, so I decided to make a small version to fit this sweet frame that has been hanging around my  creative world. 


It is a lively artwork with both structure that anchors it as well as much movement lending a sense of unpredictiability. Cannot love be just like that? The best kind of love being both anchored and undaunting as well as full of surprises at every turn.


That is what  this artwork exudes. She will liven up any space wherever she is displayed in all of her splattered colorful glory of Love. 


Shipping available. Rates to apply. Free local pickup. 


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