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Mixed-media collage on board with floater frame for a display size of 11x15.5.


This is a layered artwork of various random papers collaged with acrylic paint, ink and pastel in the mix. The words written in white ink are an unedited first draft run of words expressed with no attempt to clean up. It is like unrefined poetry. 


It is also based on true experiences for I did indeed find three keys last year, including a key necklace in the sand while at a festival in the Mojave Desert. 


It reads,


"and then I found a key on the street of Edinburgh, a common key lost but now found. I put it in my pocket then carried it all the way home to the Northwest of America- and then I found another key on the street again and then another in the dirt of the Mojave and I wandered into the wonder of it all

the finding of keys for doors I do not know.

And then a woman from New Orleans sat on my sofa with a key tattoo on her arm and it felt like an orcale was reaching beyond the veil to give me a riddle to solve. 

I need  doors for allof these keys."


This artwork is brimming with intrigue. The story is meant to be ghostly, not easy to read. It takes time and effort to make out the words. The viewer of the art will become a reader of the art, a slow read of words like apparitions in an abandoned garden.


There is much mystique to this one. It will evoke the imagination as well as the heart for all of her days. 


KEYS is available to ship. Rates to apply. Free local pick-up. 


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