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Inspired Risks

Mixed-media collage on recycled board with frame for a display size of 15x27.


Inspire taking risks.


This is an older forgotten work of mine that had been on display at a wine tasting room a few years ago. A former worker from there had taken it home intent on delivering it back to me. I forgot about it and he enjoyed it as he decided to hang on his wall. "It has given me great inspiration as I see it everyday," he said.


I was surprised to receive it back as I had completely forgotten about it !


I inspected it and dusted it off and then titled it on the back. It is my practice to title, sign and put the year the artwork was made on the back of all of my originals. I do not know what year this one was made since I can't remember. It has the distinction of being my only original artwork with question marks in place of the year making this extra unique and a standout earlier work of mine. There is a simplicity of composition and texture, yet my signature love of vibrant color and movement is evident. 


Inspired Risks tells the message of Be Willing to Take Risks as you are Inspired to do so.


Risks are what make the impossible things Possible.


This artwork is signed, sealed and ready to display. Shipping available in the United States. Shipping rates apply. Free local pickup. 

Inspired Risks

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