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Today's No is Tomorrow's YES

I viewed a potential creative space last week that had a lot of pros and just a few cons to it. Location was great, space was not too big, not too small, other creatives in the building such as photographers and tattoo artists. It seemed like a great fit.

I made inquiries to the owner.

I was transparent about what I am looking for, and that this space would be used to host creative workshops and personal growth classes of about 10 students at a time given the size of the space.

It has been communicated to me that this would be a disruption to the other tenants to have this kind of activity in the building, so it is a No.

I of course felt disappointed... yet the really cool thing about this No is that all the dreaming and scheming I have been doing for a local creative event space has been activated Even MORE.

No's are not my favorite, but they are unavoidable when you seek out for what you want. No's can be really useful, though. They can test your resolve and provide a quick assessment of What Do You Really Want. If a simple No is all it takes to deflate the dream you are thinking about, well then there you have it. A No can also reveal an unwavering determination to Make It Happen, Some How Some Way. No's can be fuel for the fire within.

A No today means there is a Yes tomorrow that I cannot yet see. But I will see it. There will be a door that will open wide in the right place and right time. This I know and trust.

Disappointment is a part of the human experience and a part of the path for the creative entrepreneur. Disappointment is revealing, for it helps sharpen our clarity and resolve as well as reveal a "meh" if we are not truly committed to seeing an idea realized.

I possess resolve for this one. There is no meh-ness. I will have a creative workshop space eventually. Today's No means there is a door out there with a Big Yes on it as it will open wide to the vision I have to help others flourish in their creative self-expression as well as inspire and empower others with skills that cultivate fulfillment. In this way, I will contribute in a lasting way to the thriving of others in my community and beyond.

Pretty fucking wild vision, right ?

Definitely worth the wait for the Right Door to open at the Right Time. I can handle whatever No's I encounter along the way.



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