Failing Forward

It was dawn. I could just see a trace of sunrise sneaking in under the window blind. Had I really stayed up all night?

I had been painting the same painting, again and again... and then again. I was leaning deep into a commission that had me excited. I did not hesitate when the patron showed me a beautiful photo of herself. She had been admiring some large sensual art pieces I had in my studio when she asked, "Can you do this?"

I'd love to do that, I answered without barely blinking. Such was my confidence. I had been using photo references for my other sensual watercolor works, surely I could create something for her representative from the photo.

That confidence began a steady dissolve as I made attempt after attempt to create a painting that was pleasing like my other ones.

"Maybe you're being too picky," a friend said when I told them how I was struggling.