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Body Love Presentation

Tonight I had the wonderful privilege of speaking and then leading a discussion on Body Positivity to a women's group. This particular group gathers at one of the adult clubs in nearby Portland. I myself have attended this group numerous times as I have been so impressed with the heartfelt openness in a highly supportive atmosphere. Discussion topics range on relationships, sexual empowerment and challenges as well as gender, identity and all things pleasure.

Women of all ages and stages Love Love Love to talk about sex and relationships.

So my usual Body Positive presentation was more frank and uncensored this evening resulting in a more vulnerable talk. This set the stage for quite an enriching discussion with many shared stories around body love and body shame and how this affects sexual intimacy and pleasure.

I brought art prints along that have a body positive theme which were well received. I sold a number of them which always feels good when there is such an enthusiastic response to the kind of art I make.

I would love to develop more fully my Body Love presentation for women's groups. Think of me if your group would benefit from a talk on this topic.



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