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I am having an online ART SALE having just loaded up my art shop with nearly two dozen new original artworks. Until the artwork is marked sold, it is available.

It has been a long while since I had an online sale. I tell my customers every weekend in the art markets I work that I do not post original artworks in my online shop due to how quickly they sell. However, this week I became sick with COVID while on a solo camping trip, where I had been happily working on a stack of new art works, and am unable to attend my weekend markets. Rather than sit around now that my fever is broken and my energy is returning, though I still must isolate, I decided to get these new works and other artworks from my studio online. If I can't get them to the market, I will bring them to the Online Market!

Visit my Online Shop to see my newest collection of original mixed-media art. Many of them made on recycled board from a friend's construction project. It makes for a truly unique and rustic presentation of my art as the wood grain provides a one of kind texture which appeals to me so much and works well with my art style.

Thank you for supporting art makers like me. I hope it brings an extra sense of meaningfulness for you when you buy art directly from an artist like me.

Follow me on social media as I often post stories there about individual artworks and the story behind the art. Find me at the links below.

Live Inspired !

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