A Strong Tree I Stand

This is a rare poem that I have written. I'm not much for poetry, but this is one that brewed in me for the longest time and then it was born. I've posted it before, but it has been a long while.

I hope it will speak to you as it does to me each time I read it.

(all photos take by me. i cannot resist a good looking tree)

A Strong Tree I Stand

A strong tree I stood

Confident of my vigor and green

Clustered leaves covered proud limbs

My shade gave comfort to many souls

You should have seen me then

The beauty of the strength of my gifting

To birds of the air

And children who climbed

To lovers lost in gaze and poets who wept

Their tears inspired by my towering strength

A song I was

Each day I radiated life

I, the strong tree, mattered.

Then came the cold winter winds

Slowly my leaves fell from my limbs

Leaves of pride and dignity

My strength, identity

They fell

There I stood




In grief I looked at my beautiful leaves

Like fallen laundry on the earth below

I watched them turn to dust

No more poets cry beneath me

Where are the lovers who loved in my shadow?

Stripped of my strength, of my beautiful gifting

My limbs stand bare

No longer masked by pride

I am bare as hope

The winds blow some more

I feel them and shake

Trembling with fear as

I stand helpless under the sky

Of the Great Lifesource

Why am I dying?

The lovers are gone

No poets sing my verse

Alone I have become with my dust

But I can smell the rains

I can see the sun far away

Her light breaking

Like the lovers I miss

The rain weeps as did the poets I have known

My bare limbs hunger for sun and soaking

By fire and rain

In nakedness I discover the beauty of humility and weakness.

A strong tree I stand

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