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Mixed-media art with acrylic on panel. Framed in a recyled frame for a display size of 15.5 x 17.5.


SIgned, sealed and ready to go.


Resilience is an artwork that required me to go after it three different times. This painting brought out the grace and grit of resilience to be born into the light of viewing. 


It is full of energy that reminds of the reslient flower that insists on flourishing from the crack of cement.  Resilience evokes the feeling of being unstoppable.


The frame was found in a local thrift store. I weathered and distressed it pretty heavily to create the sense of Having been through some things.... aren't we all weathered to some degree or another!


A unique feature of this artwork is that for the first time as an artist, I signed THE  FRAME instead of the painting. This was a spontaneous decision as the frame is so much a part of this artwork. It has been "vandalized" with much care to achieve a look and feeling to along with the story of this resilient rose. 


Resiliance is available for shipping via Fed Ex with added shipping rate.  Free local pickup from my studio. Make your selection at check out. 


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