I have been making mixed-media collage art for more than a decade. It started with a pile of magazines, pieces of cardboard, Mod Podge and a whole lot of experimenting. Eventually I took an online art class. Learning new techniques from an established artist took my art to a whole different level. My creative imagination ignited.I gave many art pieces away to friends who actually displayed them in their homes.

One of those friends owned a coffee shop. She invited me to rotate in as a featured artist one month. I nearly sold out of art in that showing. That encouraged me to take myself more seriously as an artist who could not just make art, but sell art, too. Since then, I have shown my art at other establishments with great success and I have also been featured in Somerset Studio magazine.

Mixed-media collage art is such a forgiving process. I use a lot of distress techniques and layering of color and imagery. Almost always I will include some kind of uplifting message on my art.  

Over the years I have hosted  art parties with friends. I have taught many women how to create their own meaningful art.  It is pretty cool to go to someone’s home and see their art proudly displayed that I helped teach them. I love making art I really love helping inspire other people to discover their own creative firepower! 

I am also a writer with over 15 years of writing experience. I have blogged, been published numerous times in both digital and print publications, and a few years ago I even managed to write a book for a faith-based small publisher. I helped co-create and co-manage a writing group for four years, and have had the privilege of teaching writing skills to numerous students of different ages. I focus on non-fiction and memoir writing and have developed a writing approach that helps writers express themselves with more boldness and less censorship. My Write It Down writing course is the result of years of honing my writing voice through blogging and journaling. It is an absolute joy to help others strengthen their own writing voice.



Pamela Sue Johnson is a mixed-media collage artist and writer living in Vancouver, Washington. She grew up in the exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada before moving to the even more exciting city of Hong Kong where she lived for nearly seven years. Her early childhood was spent in  Louisiana where she says she learned that the only chicken worth eating was buttermilk fried chicken. “I am now a Northwest woman with sweet tea in my veins,” says Pamela.

Pamela enjoys kayaking, swimming in rivers and lakes and exploring the gorgeous forests that surround her home as well as traveling and discovering new places. She is divorced with two grown children and one firecracker of a grandson named Shiloh. Her goals for 2019 are to Art It Up around the United States and beyond as she sheds her factory job to become a  full-time creative entrepreneur. You can follow Pamela’s creative journey at her blog. 


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