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Living in the What If... !

Living in the What If... !

Two years ago today I was officially divorced. It was an unexpected ending to my 28 years of married life.Oh…
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Part One : The Art of Sorrow (some thoughts on my creative process)

Part One : The Art of Sorrow (some thoughts on my creative process)

There are bodily fluids in some of my art. Things sometime get wet when I’m working. And then, it just…
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Crushed to Life

Crushed to Life

“I felt sad for you when I heard you got the job,” said my friend Kelly in reference to when…
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Intro to Mixed-Media Collage

Learn the basics of this very forgiving and playful art form that allows for much creative exploring.

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Learn creative  techniques to add word power to your art to make your creation even more meaningful and inspiring.

Write It Down!

Strengthen your writing skills and writing voice with boldness and vulnerability through these exercises.

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