Living in the What If… !

Two years ago today I was officially divorced. It was an unexpected ending to my 28 years of married life.Oh how so much has changed. How much I have changed ! This week I just returned from a 5 day retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I enjoyed the vibrant company of creative, life loving women who are committed to living the lives that make them fulfilled. This is my new tribe! Just two weeks ago I resigned from my factory job, officially jumping off the cliff of traditional employment in favor of going after what every fiber in my being is telling me to do :: To live my life centered on creativity, community and connecting to nature. The 3 C’s I call it.

I have been steadily building my life around creativity, community & connecting to nature.

It is blowing my mind how I am actively transforming my life into the kind of life I have longed for. Just ten months ago I wrote in my journal, “I wish I could be a full-time creative person, but I don’t see how.” Less than a year later I am no longer an overworked factory girl, but have a calendar filling up with art shows, demos and teaching gigs. Just today I received word from Michael’s, one of the largest arts and crafts store chains in the country, that my request to teach in one of their locations has been approved. How crazy cool is that ?!

This summer I will be teaching two art courses at my local community college. This week and next month I have teaching gigs at two art boutiques in my area. I am also the featured artist in a wine bar for the next two months AND I will be the featured artist at a local speakeasy themed bar for May. Plus I am developing my online video courses and work on my new studio will begin any day now. I will have a larger studio to work and live out of which gives me amazing flexibility and wide-open creativity to develop the classes, workshops and events of any type that I so desire. I am building for myself a life centered on my creative imagination ! To think that less than a year ago I could not even see a way to have this kind of life to TODAY and all the things that are happening.

>>>It all started with tapping into my imagination and allowing myself to dream and scheme.<<<

I’ve got this one life to live — How do I want to live? What fuels my joy ? What inspires me ? What makes me feel most alive ? These were the questions that formed for me as I finally leaned deep into the infinite canyonlands of What If…. What would happen if I quit my job ? What would happen if I went after it to be a fulltime creative entrepreneur? What would happen if I took a leap of faith to create the kind of life that FUELS me instead of drains me?

How would my life look if I dared to take a risk ?

I want to invite you to think about the What If’s in your own life. What kind of dreaming and scheming would you come up with If you allowed your creative imagination to fire up it’s engines? What makes you feel alive? What if you could live your life centered on your vitality… what would that look like for you ?!

I am living proof that you can change your story when you want to. I am no longer a factory girl. I am a creative entrepreneur building and designing a life that inspires!

Keep an eye out for announcements for upcoming classes and workshops and especially for details for my epic 55th birthday party which is coming up in May. If you can get to Vancouver, Wa you are invited… save the date MAY 11TH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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