My World is Not Yet Done

What is your creative process?” asked a friend of mine. We were sitting in a quaint café on Main Street here in my city of Vancouver in southwest Washington state. With my coconut milk latte in hand I titled my head as if the act of tilting would cause me to better retrieve important information to answer her question. (What is up with the tilted head thing when thinking?)“Intuition,” I finally answered after I repositioned my tilted head to a forward position. “My process is very intuitive. I usually do not know have a clue what I am going to make when I get to my studio. I just start making something and see where it goes.”

That is the dead of winter truth.

The kind of art I make, mixed-media collage, is a very fluid kind of art. It is the layering back and forth of paint and patterned paper achieving unique backgrounds for whatever foreground I decide to make in the moment. My creative process is very much an in-the-moment kind of process. There is not much thought ahead of time. Sometimes I might choose a color palette before I begin, or I may have an image picked out already that want to use, or even a handful of words that I want on the canvas as an inspiring message… but even with an element or two picked out beforehand, the process itself is unpredictable and full of surprises. I allow the art to unfold before me as I let go of overthinking. I go with the flow. Somehow, the art always turns out alright, often more than alright as I revel in a sense of joyful accomplishment at the art I’ve created. I have just expanded the world with my little bit of art that previously did not exist. I made something out of nothing. In the book, Art and Fear, the authors write,

 Each new piece of your art enlarges our reality. The world is not yet done.

And so it is with my world as well as yours…Ever expanding within and outside of my wild imagination.

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