Living My Rigged Life

I had a dream where Tony Robbins sat down next to me to speak into my life. He had profound advice to give me as I embark on shedding my factory job to build a creative business. He said this to me:


That is exactly what I needed to hear. It has now become my daily mantra, each day I sharpen my lens to focus on the tasks at hand Today to continue building, brick by brick, the reality of my desire which is to be a full-time creative entrepreneur.

Here’s where I am at :

Due to a rib injury I have been unable to work at my physically demanding factory job for the last couple of weeks. It is uncertain how long this type of injury takes to heal, but the timing could not be better. Though I cannot perform the tasks at work, I can make art, I can network, I can work on my website and while I rest my body I can read, reflect and sharpen my Focus even more upon the enormity of this life change I am making.

In my workplace there is often judgment and suspicion cast upon those who are “out on an injury.” I am already hearing rumblings through the grapevine of those who question the validity of my injury. It is not my concern if people who do not know me well enough to know my personal integrity consider me a scammer. I just smile, for I believe that the Universe has my back.

Live life as if EVERYTHING is rigged in your favor.


Even rib strains. My rib strain is in my favor serving me well as I allow my FOCUS to sharpen while my body heals. Momentum is gathering even more heat.

I taught an art class last week at a local art space. It went so well that afterward the owner asked if I would like to teach an 8-week series. Wow ! It will be a creative course based on the classic book, The Artist’s Way. Keep an eye out for details SOON. I also have just been accepted as an art seller at a small art show in February, and I will be the featured artist at a local wine tasting room during the month of April.

I am also planning a solo road trip from my Vancouver, Wa home to Southern California. I have friends and contacts up and down the west coast, so I am going to be promoting my Art It Up parties for this trip. I will be traveling the end of February (during a previously scheduled vacation week from work). If you live in California (or southern Oregon) holler at me. I’d love to meet up with you and hopefully Art It Up together! I will be blasting out a special Going to California Art It Up Tour email flyer in the next week.

I get giddy thinking about stirring up creative juices in community art making, and that’s what happens. Making art is such a solitary path. That solitude is necessary for the artist to Focus. Yet there is a different kind of energy, a different kind of exuberance that bubbles up when art is made in the company of other art makers. The creative magic becomes tangible. It fires me up. Art It Up parties are really a flimsy excuse for me to enter that creative zone with others as often as I can.

Love Yourself

Oh, one more thing : a friend is hosting a small Art It Up party in her home on February 10th. The theme will be Love and Sex since it’s nearly Valentine’s Day. Wine and chocolate will be involved in this Art It Up party and I will lead an intention for women to Focus on their desire for fulfilling love and vibrant sex (yes !) to be expressed in their art making. Oh yeah, I am going there! A woman who thinks her fire has faded is mistaken. She just needs a bit of stoking. I’ll announce details for this unique art party this week. If you can’t wait, just message me to reserve your spot to this intimate creative time.

Do not edit your DESIRES. Want what YOU want.

(Mama Gena)

Focus. I’m living focused. I hope you are too, whatever that thing is that you are desiring for your life. Imagine it. Think on it. FOCUS>>>>> Live the life you desire. I know I am, strained rib and all.

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