I am a story in motion.

So are you. 

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 am Pam Johnson (formerly known as Pam Hogeweide while I was married). I have been blogging and writing for thirteen years from my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Raised in the south as a young child, then transplanted to the neon-glitz  of Las Vegas as a pre-teen,  and then spending my young adult years in the exciting city of Hong Kong has  made for a creative mash-up of life experiences.  This is why  I write about a wide range of topics from identity and body shame to themes about the working life and the magic of nature.  I am not a niche writer... which I guess is my niche. (yes, my offbeat wit often shows up in my posts!)


Besides writing I also make mixed-media collage art that I sometimes give away to friends, random strangers or even readers of my blog. Click the art tab to see some of my work.

Check out my BLOG and please subscribe to get my current posts. I hope to see you around my corner of the interweb !


© 2017 by Pamela Sue Johnson